my new bracelet!

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  1. i wasn't sure if i was keeping it, hoping that they'd make more jewelry like this, but I lost the tag LOL so looks like it;ll be with me for a while!

    here it is modeling with indigo!
  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! congrats!!!!!!
  3. And it looks great against the blue :drool:
  4. Thanks megs! I chose this color because it seems fresh and gives off a mother of pearl type of look KWIM?
  5. Congratulations. :smile: I love the contrast in finishes between the background and the nailheads.
  6. Eeek!
    So pretty. =]
    Its a bangle, yes?
  7. Oh man that is pretty!
  8. Very pretty, I am sure that you will be happy you lost that tag!
  9. Very pretty bracelet!!
  10. Very cute! I love it. Congrats!
  11. That's a beautiful bracelet & I love the indigo!
  12. that's beautiful!!!
  13. Love it.
  14. Super cute!
  15. LOVE it! My Mom got the gold/blue version! SHe had waiting forever for our store to get it in!