My New Bracelet!! **PICS**

  1. Some of you may have seen and replied to my thread asking about the "durability" of the starter Juicy Couture charm bracelet.

    I stopped by Nordstrom [finally!] a few days ago and I GOT IT!!! :yahoo: :nuts: And I can't wait to wear it out -- absolutely love it! It looks great and was, IMO, a bargain as Juicy rarely has anything under $50.

    Anyways, here are the pics and thanks to those of you who helped me make my what to get for my first charm? :graucho:

    Click to enlarge:
    P1030856.JPG P1030860.JPG
    P1030859.JPG P1030861.JPG

    The only complaint I have about this bracelet is that it's a bit big...been trying to find a way to make it a little smaller, with no luck. Any ideas?

    Thanks for looking! :tup:
  2. Cute. :smile:
  3. ^ Thanks :smile:
  4. That looks really cute on you. Have fun picking your charms, they have some gorgeous ones!
  5. ^^ Thanks! Their charms are so adorable, but I can't justify spending $50 or so on a charm when the bracelet was only $35... :s
  6. Congratulations.
  7. If it's too big just remove a couple of links. The bracelet is lovely - congratulations.
  8. ^ Thanks to both of you!

    How do I remove the links? They don't look...removable... :p
  9. Thats really cute
  10. really really cute, sorry i didn't see your thread about opinions and help. good choice thought... it looks like you're going to have so much fun. if you want, i'd love to see your bracelet updated once in a while to see what kind of fun charms you've added!
  11. ^^ Thanks to all of you!

    peace43: I did see that thread and I thought that was SUCH a cute idea! In fact...the pochette is on my wishlist! It'll be either my first or second LV...depends on if I get enough money for it before or after my 16th brithday to get my Speedy. :p

    aquablueness: I will DEFINITELY add new pics to this thread when I get charms....which I hope will be very soon...although they do SO much damage to my wallet...ah!
  12. It's really cute!
  13. You should try going to the store and have them remove links? Anyway that is such a cute bracelet - and what a steal! I think the default charm looks gorgeous all by itself.
  14. There's this small tool that'll cut through metal - I don't know the name. It works kind of like scissors. Most guys have one in their tool box. That's what I usually use on costume jewellery if it's big.