My New BR bag

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  1. How do you like my new Banana Republic hobo? I've gotta say, I'm really impressed with the quality. The leather is beautiful, and it even came with a dustbag. :amuse:
    IMG_0064B.jpg IMG_0065B.jpg
  2. I like that hobo! I've looked at it several times in the store. The leather is nice, and the design is really unique.
  3. BR's new handbag line seems to be really successful.
  4. beautiful bag, just don't wear any white or light color clothing, the dye rubs off... personal experience.
  5. Pseub- thanks! :smile:
    Fayden- thanks for the tip. I wouldn't have thought that...
  6. I like it! The leather looks nice and pebbly..:amuse:
  7. They didn't have that one when I bought the Kempton tote the other day. I wanted to see that one! The design looks really nice. The BR bags do have nice leather Congrats on your new baby! Very nice!
  8. I LOVE their handbags this year so far!
    Great buy!
  9. Congrats! I have this bag in brown! Isn't it beautiful and soft?
  10. .

    Very. :amuse: I didn't expect to like it as much as I do! I ordered on a whim b/c I thought it was cute, and I had a coupon for 15% off, another $25 off and free shipping. Couldn't resist!!
  11. Very nice! I've been considering this bag myself.
  12. I really like it!! I really want the brown one =)
  13. Congrats! I bought a white bag from BR this year - don't remember the name. I am impressed with the quality as well. (I bought one last year that fell apart within a month of use. According to BR, they have made a lot of changes to their bags this year - zippers, etc. I guess we shall see.)
  14. Just like SuLi, I have the same one in brown also! I just love it b/c it seems so durable and versatile! You'll love it!
  15. Very nice. They have really nice bags this season.
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