My new Boyfriend - watch reveal

  1. So excited to reveal my new watch! This is my very first Coach watch and I love it. I have tiny hands/wrists and have trouble finding watches that look good on. I like that this one is oversized, probably wouldn't go for such a large face on a metal band but I like it with the rubber strap, it is more casual I think. And the color is gorgeous. It's called berry and I think it is the perfect mix of purple and pink! And the underside has the little c's, too cute. :smile:

    (got it for a steal in the last FOS before the price went up in the current one)
    DSCN0246.JPG DSCN0248.JPG DSCN0266.JPG
  2. More pics...
    DSCN0251.JPG DSCN0252.JPG DSCN0261.JPG
  3. Pretty. Love the color.
  4. Cute! Is the rubber strap comfortable? I have small wrists too and thought these would be too big for me.
  5. I got the black a while ago and love it! Thought about this one too since it was a great price. Was it around $50? I think mine was $89.
  6. very comfortable... and there is like 9 different holes to adjust it which is great

    the face is pretty big, but I like it for a casual watch
  7. Yeah it was about 53 but is back up to 89 in the current sale, glad I got it when I did

    Do you have the black with the white c's? Love that one too, might have to get that one if the price drops again
  8. The one with crystals but black strap... gorgeous! Enjoy your too.
  9. That is beautiful! And it is still on, good for you getting it for 89! I would love the black, I bet it dresses up nicely
  10. Pretty watch, looks great on you.
  11. Love the color. :smile:
  12. Very cute. Check out the Movado outlet in Kittery - they have lots of Coach watches and usually good prices (and lots of sales.)
  13. Pretty! Congrats!
  14. Omg, that's so pretty!! I can't wait mine to come. We are going to be watch twins! :smile::yahoo:
  15. It looks very nice on your wrist. I tried a Boyfriend watch with a leather strap but it was just too much weight for me...but I liked it. ha ha