My new box. What color is it?

  1. Less than five minutes after I e-mailed the seller asking for a refund, the doorbell rang and my new box was here. (I did a BIN on October 26 and was losing hope.)

    Anyway, I think she's lovely. Is she emerald or sapin?
    CIMG1294.JPG CIMG1295.JPG CIMG1296.JPG
  2. I say sapin. I love that color. :drool: But best way to know for sure (at least for us looking at online pics) is to take a pic with flash. That will reveal more clearly whether it's emerald or sapin.
  3. Here are three photos taken in three different rooms, with flash:
    CIMG1298.JPG CIMG1299.JPG CIMG1300-1.JPG
  4. i say sapin as well! its beautiful! congrats! :heart:
  5. Thanks. I got it for a bargain (less than $600). I'm glad it's sapin -- I thought it was from the seller's photos but it looked lighter in person. I have an emerald Day on the way, so I'm pleased they won't be exactly the same shade.
  6. Def. sapin. What a gorgeous bag!!! And what a bargain.
  7. WOW, one month later! Congratulations, it's such a cute little sapin box.:P

    The leather is beautiful, too. It was a long wait, but glad you have her now and what a deal of a price. She's a beauty! YAY!!!:yahoo:
  8. I love the Box style and you got a gorgeous Sapin one for a great price. Congrats:yahoo:
  9. WOW gorgeous and you got a great deal. :yahoo:
  10. Sapin and oh my she's a beaut!
  11. Thanks, everyone, she was worth the wait. (More than a month to arrive in San Antonio from Paris . . . it gives hope to all who think they've been EBay scammed.)
  12. ACK, i love that sapin box girl, definitely worth the wait from paris :wlae:
  13. what a cute little bag!!! hehehehe!!! you've taken some really lovely pics - but yeah totally SAPIN!!!! :biggrin:
  14. That's crazy that it took a month to get to you but it's beautiful!
  15. Beautiful - and great price! Congrats!