My new bourbon Ada

  1. As you Kooba addicts know, I have quietly admired the Kooba Ada, even though I'd never ever seen one. I resisted buying one mainly because I thought it was too big and too heavy.

    However, two weeks ago I couldn't resist and I bought one, mainly because a good friend of mine offered to ship it to me here in Saudi Arabia by USPS Express Mail International. I expected it to take about 2 weeks to arrive, but a mere 7 days later (Tuesday) it arrived at my desk at work. I prepared myself to grab hold of the very heavy box, only to find it didn't weigh much at all. I immediately panicked, thinking someone must have stolen my Ada. However, when I opened the box, there in front of my eyes was the most gorgeous bag I have ever set eyes on. A bourbon Ada. Wow, it left me speechless. I picked it up and still I couldn't feel a weight to it, perhaps it's been on an Ada diet?!! It also seemed a lot smaller than the giant bag I thought it was going to be (which is great news).

    Anyway, without further ado, here are pics of my new baby. Sorry I haven't adjusted my Ada to look its best in the pics, but I haven't yet told my husband about this new bag, so it's currently squirrelled away in the wardrobe in its box. I only just found a moment to sneak up to the bedroom and do a small photoshoot, without hubby noticing. I'm hoping to reveal her to hubby when he's in a really good mood. Hopefully it won't be long because I'm dying to use this gorgeous creature. Although the pictures show her to be shiny, she really isn't. I would say she's like a sateen finish as compared to a gloss finish. She's absolutely perfect.
    Kooba Ada 1.JPG Kooba Ada 3.JPG Kooba Ada 4.JPG Kooba Ada 5.JPG Kooba Ada 2.JPG
  2. Beautiful Mini!!! Hubby is gonna notice that one for sure. Tell us how he takes the good news. :smile:
  3. wow! She is gorgeous, congrats!
  4. Very nice! I love my Ada in black and get tons of compliments on it. I love the size and how I can throw a bottle of water, a magazine, or a sweater in there with no problem.
  5. aghhhh! *faints*

  6. :drool: Wow! What can I say to that :drool: beautiful bag! I think that :drool: bourbon is my favorite all-time :drool: Kooba color.....especially in the Ada and Jillian. I'd want to test drive that puppy (slurp....excuse me) :drool: right away. Too bad you have to ease her into the fold........(slurp....oh, excuse me again)...I can't stop :drool: drooling all over my keyboard!
  7. I tell you girls, I am so totally in love with this bag, it's killing me keeping it in its box in the wardrobe. I fear I may go bananas if I don't disclose it's existence very soon. I'll try and get some natural light photos tomorrow.

    Rose, you are just too funny!
  8. Quick question- are there diffferent styles of the Ada? Mine seems bigger than this one pictured and has more studs down the front, and the bottom of this bag looks different than mine. Mine was purchased from Neiman's in Dec 2006.
  9. Beautiful bag, Mini.
  10. mini-she's beautiful! :heart: enjoy her!

  11. I think Kooba released two sizes of the Ada. I think Mini purchased the shorter one.
  12. She's beautiful! Congrats!!
  13. Love it! It's beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy!!

    Mini, do you mind my asking, where you purchased it? I like it a lot in the smaller version, didn't even know there were two sizes.
  14. :drool: Absolutely breathtaking!

    I'm so glad that you love your Ada & thanks for sharing!
  15. Thanks for answering my question Kooba bag Lover.

    After reading through a lot of older posts on here I learned about the two different styles of the Adas and the Jillians. RE: the studs and the bottoms of the bags.

    I never knew. :smile: