My New Bottega

  1. yayyy my new collection from BV :smile:
  2. Nice!
  3. Yowza! That is really really beautiful. Is it black or another deep color?
  4. Congrats! Gorgeous.......:tup:
  5. Classic duo--congratulations and wear in good health!
  6. just beautiful. enjoy.
  7. very pretty
  8. Beautiful!! would like to get a knot, too~~~
  9. Love the stretch Knot style! Congratulations.
  10. Ooh, beautiful pair!
  11. Enjoy. You can't go wrong with a stretch knot and BV bracelet.
  12. Beautiful pieces, enjoy!
  13. Thanks all, i am really love this one
  14. grietje, thanks, it's black
  15. Classic and stunningly beautiful! Who wouldn't adore those two items! Enjoy them :smile: