MY NEW BOTTEGA! first ever BV veneta bag!

  1. Congrats Beaux! I know how much you were studying and looking forward to this purchase. You cannot get more beautifully classic than this bag - enjoy!!
  2. I love your bag!!! Congrats!! And may you have many more to come!
  3. congratulations! it's sooo gorgeous!
  4. What are you talkin about "not too exciting"? I'd be jumping for joy! It's leather, it's classic and it's beautiful. Wear it well!!
  5. Gorgeous! Love it!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  6. Congratulations!!! :nuts:

    This bag will last you a lifetime and it's a classic! You will also be able to use often and I'm sure this bag will get a lot of loving from you!!! :yes:
  7. Thanks so much everyone!! I'm so excited to finally own a BV! I haven't even used it yet as it was snowing - rainy and gross here the past week, and I don't want to use it until it's "Dry" out. I know, i'm crazy.

  8. Haha, crazy like the rest of us!! I want a good day to take my bags out for their "maiden run". I get what you mean about the more exoctic/unusual bag v. the classic/standard. But it IS the gold standard of hobo bags!:love:
  9. ^^Aww, thank you boxermom. That was my thought too. I just love it.

  10. congrats on your new very beautiful and classic bag. love the soft leather.
  11. Congrats :biggrin:
  12. very nice! enjoy using your beautiful new bag!
  13. Congratulations. The bag is lovely. Great purchase!
  14. This is going to sound like such a dumb question, but what size is that?
    Sorry, I don't really follow BV much either, but it is such a gorgeous bag!!
    I'm a Balenciaga girl myself..
  15. Congrats on a great classic bag. Leather looks amazing!