My new Botkier! How do I protect it???

  1. Hi, I recieved my Botkier Crosby! It is awesome, the color is a very light tan, what should I use to protect it? All my other Botkiers have been black or very dark, so I did not worry about them, but, this one may stain easy, any ideas?[​IMG]
  2. I don't know,but it's lovely. Congrats!
  3. Lovely bag! I've found customer service on the Botkier website helpful, you can try emailing them for a suggestion.
  4. Beautiful bag!
  5. Lovely bag! I don't know the answer to your question but I wish I did. I have a large bone color bianca which I took on a trip to Europe and I got caught in a rainstorm, wearing a black sweater and no umbrella. Well, the whole back side of the bag got huge, massive black smudges and I'm still trying to figure out what to do! So, if anybody has any ideas it would be much appreciated. Lesson, def. protect/treat a light colored bag!
  6. I emailed botkier, we will see what they say! I'll post the e-mail when I get it! So far, the bag has been a big hit - everyone LOVES it, including me!!!:yahoo:
  7. I have the crosby top handle, so same leather, and it is very durable and resiliant. You won't have to baby it like you would a light colored Bianca. I just used lovinmybags moisterizer and then protector and it has been fine.
  8. That's a beauty! I'm not suggesting that you do this but...I have used Wilsons Leather and Suede Protector on my Kooba bags and have had great results. While I was on vacation I dropped a big gob of hand sanitizer on one of my bags, wiped it off and not a spot was left. I haven't tried it on my HH bags as they appear to be a different type of leather. Hope that you find something that works as that bag is too nice to mess up.
  9. i too have a medium size bone bianca. i took that on a trip to san diego last spring and came home to find that the blue dye from my denim had rubbed off onto the back of the bag. i tried so hard to clean it with leather cleaner that i stripped the finish off of the bag. it no longer has the sheen that the front does. i have tried since then to clean marks with leather cleaner and this has left a yellow discoloration on the bag. i also went to hang the bag on a hook in a bathroom stall one day and it tore a small piece of the leather on the handle. the leather is buttery soft and delicate. i still use and love the bag, but it certainly doesn't look like it did when i bought it. i have bought two more of these bags for the fall since i love it so much. i bought a black and an olive and i did waterproof them with the spray before i used them. Botkier recommends that you do so. i wish i had done so with the bone bag and wonder if it would have made a difference. with the light color i was weary of spraying it with anything. i have used a white bliss lau for two summers now and it has not one stain. i think i will stay away from light botkier colors in the future. i am also waterproofing all my bags from now on.
  10. I have the large bone and did this too! I've never had color transfer so easily onto a bag. But it came off with lovinmybags leather cleaner. It might be a little late for you to try with this one, but for future reference.
  11. I would do a search on pre-treating or cleaning (I started a similar thread once). Many TPFers recommended Applegard treatment as well as Lovinmybags pro-treatment and handle cleaner. I am planning on pretreating light bags with lovinmybags Pro treatment and I use Coach leather cleaner and moisturizer to clean. Hope that helps!