My new Botkier Eden bag from the upcoming collection!!

  1. I am inlove with that bag!!! the colour blocking is genius!
  2. Hey!
    Colorblocking is definitely in for the Spring. EDEN will give you inspiration on how to mix and match your colors! If you want a more subtle mixture combo check the EDEN NUDE, LAVENDER and
  3. So we all feel that tickle of the sun which means Spring is almost here. Do I hear excitement?! Color blocking with pastels and brights will keep all your spirits up, no doubt ;) What do you think about this new trend, are you feeling it? I hear the Spring birds chirping.
  4. Ok Botkier experts, help me out here, since this is my first botkier bag. I have the pink/red eden satchel, which I understand to be cowhide and lambskin. To properly protect the bag, what do I need to do?

    I have Wilson's TLC spray. I also have Wilson's leather conditioner/cleaner.

    Are both/either OK to use? Do I need to condition before spraying, or can I just spray? Does the lambskin need a different protectant, such as Apple Guarde?
    pG01-1596382v250.jpg pG01-1595539v250.jpg
  5. Thanks for supporting Botkier!

    We recommend Apple Leather Care cleaner and conditioner for your Botkier bag. Remember to always test any product on a discrete area prior to treating the whole bag. We also recommend that you condition your bag once a season to protect and keep the leather looking its best!

    If there is extensive dirt/damage we suggest that you take your handbag to a trusted professional instead of attempting to clean it yourself.

    Feel free to contact us with any other questions!
  6. Do the handles adjust with those buckles? (I mean, are they working buckles?)
  7. Nope. Entirely decorative. You cannot extend the length of the little handles, unfortunately.
  8. Hm. Deal-killer. Oh well, credit card is happy!
  9. OMG! I have seen several new Edens. They have just arrived at the Bay downtown.

    I've just seen the smaller Eden for the first time and it's adorable with a capital A :cool:

    If I had only found the pink/orange multi last year, I'd have 3 FW colours by now.

    I don't think I can go for this in Natural however...I'm not tough or rough with my bags but it would "change" too fast for me and won't look new pretty quick. The larger lavender lizard is calling mon nom

    I've seen my first Eden hobo now, too...gorgeous and also in Natural. I'd really like to get the purple/blue small Eden :graucho:

    Oh yea, and I've seen the Valentine satchel (?) and crossbody bags - oh dear! Now I'm wanting this Valentine satchel (dove grey).
  10. Hey! There are new Eden satchels I've never seen or heard about before...they are subtly metallic with stitching detail. I saw a small nickel today which is silvery blue and I saw a large luggage which is bronze.
  11. its really pretty:smile: