My new Botkier Eden bag from the upcoming collection!!

  1. yes the big one should be good for an ipad. An ipad is smaller than 8.5 by 10 right? I can with a little bit of wiggling get a folder in. The zipper gets in the way just a skosh. yes. the bag is very structured.
  2. Has anybody seen the new colours irl yet? I really like the 'medley cowhide' which is blue/violet...then lavender lizard...these are all so collectible :lol:

    I'm admiring the Eden hobos too but have never seen one irl.
  3. Wow that's a great bag! I love color in my wardrobe and in my bags.
  4. How are the eden satchel's holding up? I'm considering one of the new colors, but I'm a bit worried given the number of threads pointing to botkier's (lack of) quality and (lack of) customer support.

    Also, regarding the size differences, what can you fit into a small eden? I know oranje indicated that the small one could not fit an ipad...
  5. Please check out the the newest Spring collection as well. More colors, more fun, more fashion. Follow us on Twitter @Botkier, add us to facebook @ BOTKIER and of course visit our website @ for more fashion trends and updates!
  6. If you love color we know you will love our the Eden Satchel or the Phoenix Clutch. For for information check out out facebook page at BOTKIER as well as out website
  7. I have the small one and I love it! I have it in the same color as Megs. The back of it will get a little dirty sometimes but if you wipe it off with a wet rag it comes right off and looks good as new. The leather is absoluetly amazing! So soft and gorgeous. It's smaller than most of my other bags but it is not small by any means. I can fit everything I need with room to spare. It wouldn't be a work bag or anything like that though. It's a purse: wallet, cell, makeup, keys, gum, pen, sunglasses is normally all I have in there.
  8. I have 2 Eden satchels (t-moro and navy/green). Although I have not carried either one A LOT, I have carried them. I don't think there will be any quality issues with the hardware. The hardware isn't anything finicky (like RM Cupid). I cannot imagine anything becoming un-hinged, kwim? It all seems very sturdy to me and the zipper is nice & smooth.

    On my navy/green Eden, I'm aware that the green leather is lamb leather so I'm aware it's a bit more fragile. But it's not the main body of the bag so it doesn't have so much external contact like the navy cowhide body does.
  9. Thanks for all your support and interest in EDEN! It is one of my favorite pieces from our entire Botkier history. EDEN is quite structured and has a designer sensibility, that's what I love about it. Depending on the leather or colorway you get it can get slouchier. For Spring 12 we have a matte black which is quite bad a** I must say and looks quite different than the lavender snake or desert snake. The Nude/Gray one is the ultimate; chic and season-less. Take care to always condition your leather bags and weather protect. Just like your own skin, your bags need care! Please always email if you need anything. We love to hear from our botkier babes! xoMB
  10. How "structured" is the red/pink eden? Would I need to put in a base supporter? Does the bag lose its shape and look "slouchy" if I put anything heavy into it, like a water bottle?

    Also, do I need to worry about dye transfer? I read in the other botkier threads about issues with blue dye, so I'm wondering if the navy sides on the red/pink would have issues with fading, etc.
  11. No color transfer or fading issues, and it completely keeps its shape.
  12. You don't need to add any base support. It's structured and holds its shape - not slouchy or flimsy at all. The larger Eden isn't huge though so if you put a big water bottle inside, it would hog up a lot of space. Like it's not a full-on briefcase size bag, kwim? Having said all this, the bag is bound to become distorted if you were to always carry something super heavy inside such as a brick or...a solid gold bar, but now I'm being goofy :p
  13. Good to know. I'm not looking to carry around rocks, but I do always carry a 20-24oz water bottle with me, so I'm wondering if that would cause an issue with the bag getting distorted from the weight.
  14. Thanks for everyone's feedback. I've purchased a small eden in the red/pink combo (wanted the new blue/lavender color combo, but that only comes in the large version and I didn't want a large one) and it should arrive later this week.
  15. Ooh, I wanted the small Eden in red/pink combo too but the store only had the larger one. I hope to see the blue/lavender version irl one day! (I want it)!