My new Botkier Bella Clutch from Saks 3rd Cut Sale! $155!

  1. Isnt it gorgeous! I actually bought several and sold a few on eBay...I loveee it!

    The suede interior is tdf and there are three very cute and functional compartments
    CIMG3176.JPG pic3.JPG pic6.JPG
  2. foxiyellow what bag is the one in your pic?
  3. Hi there what is the Saks third cut sale? Do they have any more. I would love to get one. Where did you get yours and when? Thanks. Yours is so adorable
  4. I love the bella clutch! It looks really cute and stylish.
  5. Thanks Starresky. I actually found it on the Saks website, had it at the checkout, and they took it away right before I finished putting in my credit card. That was about the same time you posted your reply. Thanks anyway.
  6. That's a gorgeous bag--congrats!!!
  7. Starresky
    They said they found one in a store back east, will call tomorrow morning to see if they still have it. Live chat said I should get the sale price. Wish me luck. Is it a small bag? Can you fit it under your shoulders. I don't carry alot, wondering what you have in yours if you don't mind me asking. : )
  8. This bag is a small bag BUT it can fit so much! It has three compartments, a zippered pocket, and of course the two front pockets. It can fit a wallet, cell, gum, keys, ipod, change purse, bottle of lotion, small bottle of that antibacterial stuff and more! Woohoo! One of the best deals Ive gotten to date!

  9. Hi, it is a Hayden Harnett Gaza satchel in Prune...LUV IT!

  10. Saks 3rd cut is the 3rd part of their annual sale. They have the first cut which arent very good discounts, 2nd cut is pretty good, and 3rd cut is phenomenal in regard to deeply discounted prices! That Botkier Bella is still sold all over the web for FOUR HUNDRED AND FORTY FIVE DOLLARS! All of a sudden, I love SAKS!
  11. are you going to be listing more on ebay?? The saks website isnt currently working.......... :sad:
  12. very pretty! congrats on the great deal!