my new botkier bag! *pics*!

  1. i got this botkier trigger turbo a few days ago!! i like this design the best out of all the botkier designs even though it's an rather old design..and i LOVE it! the leather is so supple and the magnetic snap closure is so useful! and i love the million compartments cos i'll never loose my keys again!!!

    but the only thing i dislike about the bag is that it's so heavy!! ): is it the same for the older triggers?


    i'm 5"6 and size 0!
  2. It looks absolutely gorgeous on you!!!!!!!
  3. It looks great on you, Goose! Love it!
  4. wow its really cute and looks gorgeous on your arm.
  5. Size zero.


    The bag looks great!
  6. It's so lovely!!
  7. hot bag!
  8. This is my favorite Botkier style, too, and it looks absolutely gorgeous on you. A bit heavy, but worth it!
  9. OO! I like it! Congrats
  10. It's really a cool bag for all the pockets. I couldn't believe how many, even under the flaps. Looks wonderful on you.
  11. Very nice...Congrats!
  12. Beautiful bag, congrats!
  13. thanks girls! i love it too but it's really too too heavy when i put in my regular daily stuff like wallet, phone, keys, organiser, cosmetic pouch and sunglasses! ): so i made my boyfriend carry it for me most of the time HAHA!:wlae: