My New Bosphore PM/Multicolore GM Pouch

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  1. this is the bag i should have gotten all along. it's def a keeper. the absolute perfect bag for me. and i love white MC but a bag just is out of the question, so, the next best thing was the pochette gm with the full color pattern on it. YAY! that along with my yellow epi cosmetics bag and green perfo cles make a happy family. to top it all off i saved 5% w "" and got free overnight shipping. *dances* it's so wonderful to finally be satisfied with something. whew! here they are!! sorry about the bad pix. my flash sucks.


  2. Congrats!!! :biggrin:
  3. very nice!
  4. congrats!,its cute & functional
  5. very nice indeed
  6. LOVE everything, especially the MC Pochette GM...that is def. on my list!!

  7. Absolutely awesome stuff! The bosphore keeps growing on me, and I think I am adding it to my own list. Great buys!
  8. pretty! congrats
  9. I LOVE white mc as well! I would buy the keepall if I had use for it, so it could match my black one! I plan on getting a couple mc accessories soon!

    good for you!
  10. congrats! i have the GM im sure you'll like the pm also...
  11. OH MY! Great Haul.. Congrats.. I love the MC, and I'm considering the smaller one myself but in black!! :biggrin:
  12. Does anyone know if the MC Pouch is limited, or is it permanent???
  13. i don't think it is specifically limited. but if it doesn't sell well, they tend to discontinue at the drop of a hat. i just love the mini print, and this was the biggest thing i could find other than the GM agenda. but that cost's a mint.

  14. ^OMG I LOVE the mini MC print as well!!! I wish that they made a MC bag with the smaller print.

    Congrats on all of your stuff, Kodi--you have a great collection and even better taste!!!
  15. congrats!!!!