My new bordeaux twiggy from Bluefly

  1. I am not sure about the size yet, but I love the color. :love: It is so much prettier than I thought it would be. Two b-bags are my limit, so I have to think long and hard if this will be an addition to my family (since my black hobo is not going ANYWHERE).

    Thoughts? Oh and excuse the bedroom; I am trying to pack for the big move which is less than 48 hours away!!! :worried:
    twiggy.JPG twiggy2.JPG
  2. Becca that color is so rich and beautiful! I think its a total keeper! *drool*
  3. It is soooo beautiful!! Enjoy and please wear it in good health!
  4. omg gorgeous!!!! keep it!!!!! the color is so rich and what a cute size.

    aww I'm jealous!!
  5. Great color and the Twiggy IMO is a great style! It holds quite a bit! I say it's a keeper!
  6. wow! what a find on bluefly!
  7. Beautiful color and it looks like your new bag has great leather! You are so lucky--enjoy!
  8. Beautiful.....!
  9. Becca, the color is gorgeous!!! Congrats!
  10. You are so lucky to snag that bag on Bluefly!!!!! Seriously, that is good shopping karma coming back to you...I check that thing every night and all I see are boobies! :nuts:
  11. oh my! i can't believe you found that on bluefly!!
    very lucky. enjoy the beautiful bag!!
  12. WOW becca that bag is GORGEOUS!!
  13. Congrats!!! Hey... now I'm wondering if it was the right thing to sell my bordeaux... (sigh) ;)
  14. Funny! I know! Becca how did you get it???:amuse: But, congratulations, it looks really pretty. I never really like the b-bags, now looking at yours, and that color, wow! Now I want one too. :P

  15. I love it!