my new boot obsession

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  1. not the best brands but the right style:
  2. ^^ I would go w/ option #3 its my favorite.
  3. try 6 it's the sale site for zappos, and generally there is a huge variety of brands, and there should be several under 100?
  4. Thanks! #3 is my fave too, very cute, i even love it in the grey. I'm looking for something a little more "a day in paris" than motorcycley. I'm keeping #3 as an option though. Thanks again for the suggestions!!

    and thanks for the tip too, i hadn't heard of that site.:smile:
  5. do you like these? or are they too boring?

  6. I like them its just the color doesnt seem quite right. It might be better in real life.
  7. steve madden buck boots!
  8. #9 Aug 9, 2009
    Last edited: Aug 9, 2009