My new Bolide....

  1. is on her way to Paris!:smile:
    My Indigo Blue Bolide 31cm in VL arrived @ the boutique yesterday and I had them send it BACK to Paris to have my initials put on the oval patch. There was a thread this week, with much discussion about having the Bolide personalized. I debated it and decided I will be keeping my Bolide so I wanted to do it. It has palladium hardware so I am having my initials done in silver.
    First I request the Bolide, it comes from Paris and now I am sending it back:rolleyes:
    Oh well - I blame that darn thread - LOL - I just couldn't get the initials on the Bolide thing out of my head!
  2. Cool! Can't wait to see pics once she's bck!
  3. Yay!!!! I can't wait to see! I'm sure she'll look wonderful! :yahoo:
  4. How exciting Penny!
  5. Congrat...............

    (you get the rest when she gets back with her initials)
  6. Congrats PennyD2911! Having her personalized makes her extra special, please post pictures when whe gets back! How long will it take?
  7. yay i just love vl in a bolide. such a cute little thing congrats. :yahoo:
  8. Good For You! It will be worth the wait and it will be all yours. No mistaken it!!!
  9. Penny, Congrats!! I always that little circular oval spot was the perfect place to put ones initals. :smile:
  10. great! post pics when it gets back! CONGRATS!
  11. Can't wait for photos!!!!
  12. i've never seen a bag monogrammed in silver - can't wait to see it!
  13. I also have a bolide in VL, I can't wait to see pics.

    This may have been discussed in the thread that you mention, but how long will it take for you to get it back?
  14. Thanks Cal,CB,Nola, CoBlu,Medusa,Lilach,Kellybag,Kelly_Birkin,Jen,AL,Patz&Tokyo!!!
    I just *LOVE* listing all your names!!! You all are so special and sweet!

    Well, since she is going to Paris the expected return times is 8-12 weeks:whistle:
    I know I have to be patient, and I really wanted her to be done in Paris, it will be special and add history to the bag. She will have traveled internationally twice when she gets home to me - :smile:
    There is only one font for the engraving. It comes in 6 point sizes and of course I choose size 6 - the largest:p
    You can choose from heat stamped, silver or gold engraving. As I said in the first post I choose silver to match the phd.
    In addition to having it engraved on the oval patch I am also having the inside of the strap done with the small point size font.
    As you know the Indigo is a very very dark navy. I love navy, I wear a lot of navy, white & khaki. I am hoping she will return home in time for Christmas.:party:
  15. Wow! Looking forward to pics when she's back!