My new BN2274 Saffiano Lux

  1. Wow! U look great with this size!:yes:
  2. Looks great! I was so excited when I bought mine! Congratulations
  3. I finally got mine last night!! After waiting for only a week!! So far I love everything of bn2274!!
  4. Here it is... Stay tune for my reveal under the new thread!
  5. Lovely! :smile:

    Sorry I'm new here in this forum. I recently got a BN 1786. How does it go sharing my purchase? Make a new thread or post here? :smile:
  6. Love the bag! I will be investing in one soon, just a question if you would be able to help is there the red version with strap?

    Congrats once agajn
  7. Can't wait to see yours! I'm picking up mine after 2.5 months wait!
  8. Did you take it back? Did they replace it for you/ tell you if this happens often?
  9. really good!
  10. It looks like the perfect size for you! It's a gorgeous and elegant bag. Congratulations!
  11. your bag is so beautiful! looks good on you! that's also my dream bag and i'm saving for it tooo!

    congrats and enjoy! :yahoo:
  12. Its beautiful. Congrats! I just got mine in cammeo yesterday
  13. Congrats !! Pls show us ur purchase!