my new Blueberry City!

  1. You're all going to hate me! I gave up on Balenciaga for a few months after becoming obsessed with Chanel. I sold off all of my b-bags (including my magenta First, Apple Green hobo, and Turquoise '05 Twiggy), but I'm now back for more! For the past 2 weeks I've been craving for the Blueberry City. I called Joseph at BalNY and he found me a Blueberry City with perfect leather! :yahoo:

    However, I'm still deciding if I should send it back and ask Joseph to find me a thick smooshy black City. I really wanted a bag that will go with everything + one that I can take everywhere + throw around and not worry too much about, as I'm not planning on buying anymore until S/S 07! The leather on this one is perfect though: thick + not veiny. I wear mostly jeans with black, blue, or an occasional turquoise shirt. I'm not a very colorful person. :lol:

    Any thoughts? I know. I'm always SO indecisive.

    The last 2 are without flash.
    blueberry1.jpg blueberry2.jpg blueberry3.jpg blueberry4.jpg
  2. it beautiful!! Keep it, of course.
  3. oooh the bag is so gorgeous and the color it TDF:nuts:
  4. I just got the same one from Bal NY yesterday and I LOVE it :smile: I'm not very colorful either, I don't wear patterns usually, lots of solids, dark colors, so I think this a great SPLASH of color - JMHO :smile: :smile:
  5. It's fabulous -- the leather looks so great. I reckon the colour would be a versatile one to wear. I say keep it! :yes:
  6. It's absolutely gorgeous, it looks so squishy ! Congrats ! :yes:
  7. Keep it keep it keep it!:yahoo: Your Blueberry City is GORGEOUS!!!:drool::love:
  8. Keep it it's lovely!
  9. awe, i think you should keep it too, it's a gorgeous color & goes great with your fun style :tender:...btw, you didn't sell your black weekender did you (?) :shrugs:
  10. I'm looking for a thick smooshy BLACK city too! even if your bag is gorgeous, if you really want only one I find the black one better, plus it's not like you have to give extra money to get it. But then again the blueberry one seems to be a good match with what you're wearing?!
    I just have this huge thing for BLACK bags :shame:
  11. its beautiful! keep it! congrats!
  12. edna- hey, girl! why oh why? did you sell your bags? you still have your black weekender, right? i love the blueberry. only thing is... i'm not sure how it will look with blue jeans. i live in denim as well and the only blue shade that went well with blue jeans (for me) is my turq 05... my sky blue and teal didn't look as nice (imo) with blue jeans. i haven't tried the blueberry yet.
  13. Keep it! I got my Blueberry City last week and I LOVE can get a black one any ol' time...keep it! keep it! keep it!
  14. it looks so fabulous and i definitely would keep that !
  15. Keep it, of course! The blueberry color is TDF and your bag looks so beautiful!