My new Blue Perforated Flap!

  1. Just got this today at Saks BH. :smile: It's so pretty and perfect for Spring/Summer!

  2. Very nice. Congratulations!!!
  3. Ooh pretty, congrats!
  4. such a nice blue!

    serene, actually.

  5. gorgeous!how much is it?
  6. Enjoy your new treasure!!!!
  7. Congratulations for your new bag!!! I think it is perfect for summer but it can also be held with jeans all year long!
  8. its a super cute color! congratulations!!
  9. beautiful shade, congrats! what size is it
  10. oooh love it!!!!
  11. Lovely color. Congratulations and enjoy your new "baby." Is he a Jumbo?

    Perhaps you can post a modeling pic (please, please).
  12. Beautiful bag!Congrats!:balloon:
  13. very cute!:yes:
  14. It is so cute- congrats!!
  15. i agree, very pretty for all year long.