My New Blue Hibiscus Bandeau!

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  1. It's SOO beautiful...but I'm afraid that it will be hard to match with things...I plan to put in on my Manhattan PM. :yes:

    Blue hibsicus.jpg
  2. Wow, great choice!!! Congrats! Does this come in yellow as well?
  3. Me likey!!! It's so unique! Congrats!
  4. Very Cute I love Hibiscus flowers
  5. It does, I was deciding between the two because the yellow looked so summery. But the blue just looked so bright...calling to me..:love:
  6. I really like it, congrats!
  7. yay congrats! I have the same one. It is sooo pretty!
  8. Hey m'laden,

    I was browsing on ebay, and the yellow is available...the blue too! I found mine in the boutique though.

    Here are links if you're interested

    The blue is still my favorite though. But I think if someone had a mandarin piece, the yellow bandeau on it would be TDF!
  9. Love the color.
  10. congrats, great choice!!!
  11. Thanks you guys! But what do you think it will go with? My Manhattan is kind of 'naked' right accessories or anything. So I thought this would be the perfect thing to spruce it up...but I'm afraid of the scarf clashing with what I'm wearing?
  12. ^I usually wear mine in my hair so I try to match it with what I'm wearing anyway. I've used it with black/white/blue tops and jeans.
  13. gorgeous! Congrats!
  14. congrats!
  15. Gorgeous! I didn't even know this was released. Too bad I've already bought my quota of bandeaus, scarves and the like for this season. :Push: