My new blue Gauffre came...

  1. I'm not's adorable! [​IMG] is a bit small...I'm thinking I might return it and get a larger one...what do you think? Maybe the black tessuto hobo...

    [​IMG] Of course, I don't like it as much...or in the sesame color...or this one... [​IMG]What to do...what to do...
  2. I think its cute!!!
  3.'s adorable! And it is a nice size...I love the color...and I do have a MUCH larger blue leather Prada that I got from a very nice seller...

    It was really such a great deal also - the same bag is $650 more on the NM site... :shrugs: :wlae: :shrugs: :wlae:
  4. hey, that is the exact same bag I just got, it's in the 'ivory gauffre' thread if you want to see better pics of it, it is BEAUTIFUL!! actually I think this one is one inch shorter and one inch less wide than the one I got(?), mine was off of the neimanmarcus site - bigger than your blue satchel tho. :wlae:
  5. That's so cute! IF you can swing it, I'd keep it. I think my bluefly bag is supposed to be here tomorrow - yahoo!
  6. I think its so cute!
  7. I think it is cute- keep her
  8. I like it! I say keep it, but if you find the other bag will work for you better, then get that!
  9. I love the blue, but if it's too small to be practical, it would be best to exchange it.
  10. ooh i like it!!
    how much did you pay if you don't mind me asking! i'm desperately trying to track down some of the spring 07 colors in the tessuto gauffres. =(
  11. At Bluefly it was just about $1000 - with a 15% off code. Actually, I'm leaning toward sending it back...:shrugs:
  12. That's one of the few nylon bags I'd consider buying. I really love that royal blue color and the gauffre design in nylon. I just can't bring myself to fork out so much cash for a bag that's not leather though. If it were $400 give or take, I'd seriously consider getting one, for no way I'd pay $1000 or more. I want leather for that kind of money!
  13. OK Bis....I like the bag...It's unusual b/c of the color which I sounds like you've already made up your mind...You definitely are not in send it back and try again...I have been here many times...I feel almost 'guilty' when I send beautiful expensive designer bags back ...It's like I feel like I SHOULD be loving it... but waaaaaaaayy to much $$$ to spend if you're not totally ga-ga over it..You just won't use it and won't look forward to incorporating it into frequent use...Send it back and order the ivory gauffre..Hell order the black one too then you can decide..I love that too...LMK what you decide and if you order something else so I can look for your posts!! Good luck!!! Mary Cate:smile:
  14. Thanks! I had just pm'd you - wanted your opinion! I'm still not sure...I'll take it out of the dustbag tonight again and carry it around...but, you're right, I am almost sure I'm sending it back...

    Now, if I had been lucky enough to get the black one that YOU got, it might be a different story! ;) :graucho: ;)
  15. ^ Yeah I hear ya..I WAS lucky..and that bag is KILLER!!! It's a totally worry-free/stress-free designer bag..and the gauffre style in the nylon truly is an eyecatcher....I pm'd you btw....Good luck w/ your decision!! I check Bluefly all the time so I'll keep my eyes open....They had a similiar bag to mine in black leather .....