My new blue Anjou PM, shopping, size comparisons

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  1. #1 Jul 5, 2019
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
    35F556D2-84B6-4080-986B-335361CD4BD5.jpeg AA1C5BDB-F835-47A5-B0A6-A14F5674D187.jpeg DA743E23-F649-4BBF-BA30-4C274DA3D1D9.jpeg B12DA0C6-0B97-4F98-A0B8-5F17E574E82C.jpeg Since information about Goyard is somewhat limited online, I wanted to share my new blue Anjou PM and a little about my shopping experience. This was my 2nd purchase at the Barneys Goyard counter. They wouldn't let me take pictures this time (vs last year I could, which was vital in making my decision). Another change this year (with the corporate administration of this counter) is that they clipped my price tag and kept it without a word! I didn't notice until I unboxed it. I was charged $25 for shipping, and my package arrived in approximately 3-4 business days, although I was told that it could take 14 days.

    Hope this helps someone!
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  2. 103E940F-A8F1-4A90-941C-CB7D5BB43C59.jpeg
    The Goyard receipt description:


    The Barney’s receipt description:

  3. 14C764CD-CD2F-498C-9684-2A52EF0EDEBD.jpeg
    With Artois PM

    1155BFD6-13C1-4D91-B961-D8E333F3AA5B.jpeg 38624AED-FDD0-4E86-9376-EEB2A9244D36.jpeg with Anjou GM

    with Neverfull MM
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  4. Popping in and trying on a Goyard isn’t an option for me since the nearest store is several states away. I’ve recently fallen for their totes so this was very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to post these comparison pics.
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  5. Gorgeous bags congrats love the Anjou
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  6. Beautiful color!
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  7. What a collection . Thank you for sharing.
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