My new Bleeker!

  1. Thought I'd share a pic of my new Leather small flap Hobo! It's so pretty and I got it yesterday while trying to just return another bag. No way could I get out of there empty handed! I also got 2 letter charms (for me and my boyfriends initials) and the doggie keychain (looks totally different than the one online!). I really like the plaid lining :love:
    Here's a pic! Oh, and the bag they put your purchases in is the Bleeker plaid, too!! It's going to be saved with my legacy stripe bag! excuse the backwards "J"
  2. WOW! Love it!!!
  3. Your bag is a beauty! Congrats!
  4. congrats!! that's the bag i want to get as well! do u think u could post some modeling pics of the bag? i just want to get an idea of the actual size. thanks
  5. I'll get a pic this afternoon! I was up all night with food poisoning and still haven't showered. I will get a pic later!
  6. kewl..thx...hope ya feel better!
  7. here's a pic of the small hobo flap! Pardon my unshoweredness. I just didn't feel up to it :sick: Forgot to add, I'm about 5'3 and 120lbs. Hope this helps! It's a gorgeous bag!

  8. wow, i love that!
  9. lovely bleecker, congrats!!
  10. Oooh, I love that bag....Congrats! Looks great on you.
  11. i love the tattersall shopping bag! i want to buy something this season at coach just to get the shopping bag! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  12. Really like it - I've been toying with the idea of that bag and I love the british tan color.
  13. omg...that bags looks awesome on u! i think i'm def gonna look into it..i love that color! thanks for posting the pic!
  14. That's the only Bleeker I like!!! Hubby was the one who pointed it out (I was busy drooling over red leather Carly :wtf:). He likes these flap Bleekers. LOVE IT!!! :tup: :drool:
  15. I love that bag! I'm getting one in wine colour!