My new Bleeker lg duffle in Ink!!

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  1. WOOHOO! AND, my flower I got when I went to the outlet before fits on the zipper!
    Sorry, I don't feel like modeling, so I asked my DD to model. ;)

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  2. So cute!
    Love the ink color.
  3. :yahoo: It looks great and I love the keyfob!! Very cute DD too :love:
  4. Your daughter and the bag are too cute! I love that flower charm on the bag also!!!!!
  5. Cute cute cute!

    I love the ink color on the Bleeckers- enjoy your new bag!
  6. Thanks. The bag is so big!! DD is 3 yrs old, so if that gives you an idea. It touches the floor on her.
  7. Too Cute!
  8. cute, congrats! :tup:
  9. Going to be perfect for shopping in Chicago! I can put my umbrella, wallet and a few other essentials in there and go!
  10. Very cute! (The bag and the DD).
  11. Congrats, your daughter is super cute!!
  12. I love this bag and the color is to die for! Congrats!
  13. Congrats! I have that bag too and LOVE it!

    (Dk Blue is my favorite color I also have the smaller one and 2 skinnys - have been searching for the wristlet - don't even know if they did wristies in ink!)
  14. Very cute!
    I saw this bag at the outlet and I had a hard time putting it down. The leather is really scrumptious.
  15. Oh my gosh how adorable - and your bag is nice too! Congrats!