My new bleecker and I need help.

  1. I got a new Bleecker sig duffle in wine and it's beautiful. :yes:
    I just got it out of the box and the strap is not on right.

    How did you adjust your strap on it?
    In the store they had them two ways and I trying to get it as short as possible...thanks for any help

    I will post pics as soon as i figure out how to get the straps the way I want....
  2. Oh shux! I dont know the answer but I'll give ya a little bump so hopefully someone can.;)
  3. Isn't it just a buckle? You should be able to just do it like a belt...
  4. I don't own a bleeker duffle (yet!), but you're talking about the regular duffle, not the large duffle, right? I *think* it works the same way as my older style have to take the whole belt out (unbuckle everything). Then depending on what you want to do:
    1. To make it long - again, completely remove the strap from the bag, including the small leather,braided "loop" that normally secures the two straps. You now have a leather strap with two sets of holes (one set on either end). Treat each set of holes as you would a belt on each end. Make sure to either put your braided loop in a secure place or put it on the strap before you secure both ends (so you don't lose it!)

    2. To make the straps short: You should have what looks like two "belt" holes at the end of the straps. Unbuckle the strap ends. Loop one end of the strap to one side; slip the braided loop over the ends of the strap and secure it toward the bottom of the looped side. You should now have the middle of the strap (now looped) on one side, secured with the braided loop. The ends of the strap are free for the other side; match up the holes and buckle them into the other side of the bag, as you would a belt.

    Does that make sense?! :confused1: I hope I explained it ok :smile:!
  5. thank you! the second instructions are what I needed. You explained it great....:tup:
  6. Here are the pics:


  7. Oh! That is gorgeous! You're making me rethink getting the all leather one now..
  8. Very cool! Im so happy you got help with the buckel. Enjoy your new beauty!:tup:
  9. That bag is gorgeous! I love the wine color! It took me awhile to get the hang of the strap, I'm glad someone did such a good job of explaining it. I can do it but I don't think I could put it in words! Congrats on your purchase!!
  10. Glad to help - lovely bag! :yes:
  11. I love that exact bag, same color, same size. It's absolutely gorgeous!
  12. Beautiful bag! And I'm glad someone was able to help you!! The color combo is just gorgeous!