My new Black Work!!!

  1. All the new Fall colors were soooooo tempting but I decided on a classic Black Balenciaga. I can't wait till it ages :rolleyes:
    work 001.jpg work 002.jpg
  2. Beautiful! Black is an excellent choice, so classic. Congrats!
  3. Love it Moe--great choice! Can you post a picture carrying it? I'd love to see the size on!
  4. Classic choice! :heart: congrats!
  5. I looove the bbags in Black! Super choice!
  6. Great choice! Congrats!
  7. Is this black Work from the new leather Pre-F/W 2006? How's the leather?? Is it thick?? I'm interested in a black City but want it in the new leather.

    Lovely black Work!!!
  8. It's so pretty -- I really want a black one now :heart:
  9. congrats, moe! can't go wrong with a classic black work!
    spray AG, let her dry, and lots of hugging... it'll make her softer and smooshier. enjoy!

    (btw, i pmed you back.)
  10. Great bag Moe, black always looks great! and the work size is super practical, I use mine all the time...Congrats on your beautiful new bag!:heart: :love:
  11. Moe - what a classic! I so want a black b-bag now. Why can't I be one of the Olsen twins??? I don't even have to be them, just give me their b-bags!
  12. Congrats!
  13. yay! pretty, congratulations! :smile:
  14. is soo classic...congrats!>
  15. ooooooooooh, that's pretty. Congrats!!
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