My new black it on sale!!!

  1. I've been looking for a good every-day bag for the longest time!!!! So, finally I decided to go to NM and find one! I wanted Chanel, so that's where I headed once I got there. I looked at the sale section but didn't see anything (one denim bag, two shearling, and some accessories), so moved on to the regular-price bags. I tried the Medallion tote on (AGAIN!!!) and, of course, loved it but decided to wait. Tried on a few others but nothing thrilled me. I was about to leave when I decided to look at the sale section again. I'm not sure how I didn't see it earlier, but this tote was on the bottom shelf!!!! I tried it on and LOVED it!!!! I was able to get a classic black tote on sale (YAY)!!! There's one flaw with it though...the front has a few wrinkles (because of the way it was stored), which should blend in with the rest of the bag as I wear it (or, at least, I think so). If not, it doesn't really bother me because this bag is what I've been wanting for for the longest time (and it was on sale!). Plus, you can't see them once the bag is full.

    Does anyone know the name of this line? The leather is caviar-like but it still called caviar?

    Anyway, thanks for letting me share my new baby! Let me know what you think! :heart:

    black tote 2.jpg black tote 3.jpg black tote 4.jpg
  2. congrats! what an awesome find. i'm sure the wrinkles will go away over time. i really love the shape of this... may i ask how much it was?
  3. ^^^Thank you!

    PM'd you with the price.
  4. Nice!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Very pretty, it's from the Souple Ligne, congrats!!!
  6. how much was it????
  7. Hmm you know better ... LOL:p
  8. PM'd you, too!
  9. nice!
  10. great find! congrats.
  11. lovely...on top of that, u get a disct for this...yay
  12. Congrats! Nice purchase!
  13. I love your souple tote! I have a couple of souple bags and love them, they're practically indestructable and scratch proof! :yahoo:
  14. i like it!! congrats on a great deal.
  15. Great find! Congrats!