My New Black Suede Goldie!!! Outlet purchase. And a question about it...

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    I just got my black suede Goldie from the CA outlet! I asked about how to get this bag about a week ago, then I said I decided against it... but then I changed my mind!! I'm happy I did. However I'm a little dissatisfied... are outlet items defective in any way, or are they not as great as getting them in the Gucci boutique?

    First pics, and then the reason why I ask! :

    Kind of dark but I thought it looked nice. Plus I'm more anonymous~~

    Now I have this bag in TWO colors! This is the first bag I've gotten in two different colors. I love it!


    Okay, now my dissatisfaction... well the first one isn't as bad and more of a general question. I thought the top lining of a Gucci bag should ONLY be those two little dot details and not show any of the GG's at the very top... see how they peek out just a bit? This doesn't happen on either of my other two Gucci bags, and I noticed on authentic ones it should be like that, but this one it isn't.


    Then on the sides, ONE of the sides doesn't look symmetrical in the GG pattern. Like it looks all over the place:

    And then there's a part where the leather overlaps on the top. On my other Goldie it doesn't do this at all...

    And you can kind of see glue a little bit (looks worse here) and it's bugging me.

    My receipt says no returns and no exchanges, all sales final. I feel like even if I was able to exchange that maybe there'd be something else wrong in another one if there even IS another one? I honestly just wonder if this is how it is when you get something at an outlet? Like are they really just not as great or something, is that why they're sold for like 50% off practically? I know they're older styles but this one was only from a year ago.

    So what do you guys think?

    Thanks! I love this bag... I love that I have it in two different colors, it's fun!
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    I was trying to say that even though it's a final sale, it can't hurt to call them and express your concern. Also, I would ask them if they sell "seconds" as in second quality.
  5. I just called and they explained that the way it lines up on the sides is just determined on where it's cut so they won't always line up perfectly... but I thought that was the whole point, you know? I also asked if it was at all a "second" but the guy was like noo they are straight from the boutique. So... I just said oh... I don't know, I'm not entirely happy with it because of that.

    Does it look like a fake though? On that side? Every other place it lines up perfectly though... I know it's obviously not a fake but I always tell from the sides and I love my bags too much to have them look fake you know?
  6. My I ask how much that bag was? I really like it.
  7. They don't always have to line up perfectly so that part is ok. I'm pretty sure its real, not sure about the "glue" bit, maybe a defect or it rubbed against something? Fun that you got the same bag in two colors! Don't you just love the velvety strip in the middle?
  8. The black suede is hot!!! Not common like the brown jacquard, which Im so tired of. And that style is very classic.
  9. Both of these are nice bags...and I understand about the glue but I have heard other stories of weird items coming from the outlets, so you are not alone in having that concern! Another question: did you see any in the black GG fabric...I kinda like the idea of being anonymous too!
  10. I had also called the outlets last week when you posted the name of this tote. CA outlet was the only one that had it. I was gonna pm you about it, but I then read you changed your mind. I believe price mid-$500. I would love the medium size which they didn't have....
    Congrats! Both of your bags are beautiful!
  11. I think I have the medium size..its basically smaller than the above^ it!
  12. I just took it out yesterday and I looooved it, I didn't even worry about that weird lining up on the sides, I think I'm over it. But it doesn't look weird though, right?

    And yeah I was going to pass on it for now until I saw one on eBay for ONLY $100 LESS and used, so I was thinking, well if it's under $600 brand spanking new, why wait? So I got it and I am so happy I did. I love it!

    I was hoping they had it in brown but the NY and the CA outlets said they have never gotten it in. That brown one I bought off eBay and it's very well taken care of but the canvas shows it was used continuously. That would have been perfect to get both brand new-- it really has become my favorite Gucci bag style! I just love that stripe especially and how it's a double handled tote, really roomy... my favorite!
  13. how nice!! congrats!!!
  14. I am glad that your reservations have subsided and you are loving the bag now!!!
  15. Congrats!