My new...Black Reissue 226!

  1. So I got my Reissue today after dreaming of it for months and months. It's the black 226 with gold hardware. Fresh and brand new from the NM stock room. :yahoo:I love it...but I'm still a bit unsure about it.

    I really was loving the dark gold/bronze Reissue that Smoothoprter has but I don't know if it would be so practical for me as it might not go with everything in my wardrobe like the black one does. And I also was eyeing a new black tote (almost looks like a Luxe line bag) that I saw in one of the new Chanel ads with Daria.

    And I really don't need a small bag, but it's just so gorgeous. But I suppose I can pare down to the absolute essentials when carrying it. This means no new tote though! I hate being so indecisive. :Push: I wish someone could make all of my decision for me. :smile:

    Here are my pictures!
    reissue1.jpg reissue2.jpg reissue3.jpg reissue4.jpg
  2. TDF!!! I love it Edna - congrats
  3. That's hot.
  4. Very cute! ;)
  5. The black one is GORGEOUS! I think you should keep this and work with the contents so that it fits the purse.
  6. Beautiful! BUT if you don't love the bag and if it doesn't fit everything you want to carry--take it back and get what you LOVE :smile:
  7. EDNA - congrats to you:yahoo: such a lovely bag:girlsigh: my dream bag is the 226 reissue in bronze.
  8. I LOVE IT!!! It looks AMAZING on you.:yahoo:
  9. It's a beautiful bag, but if you don't love it, get something else.
  10. Edna, Congrats on your bag! It is beautiful and classic and looks great on you!
  11. The bag is nice but if you're not feeling the love, then you should get something else that you love.
  12. OMG edna...its breath taking!
    I LOVE THE BLACK WITH GOLD!!!! Its my favourite reissue now! lol ( I like it more than my own off white hehe )

    Now I want it in black with gold tooo! Can you post a picture of the base? (I wanted to see how your base looks to compare with my horrible one)
  13. I'll buy it from you if your uncertain lol. Wait why is it the 2005 reissue and its brand new from NM??? They had that bag there for a whole year? Im confused !
  14. amazing! how did you manage to find a brand-new 05 reissue?? i love it!!
    looks great on you!
  15. Edna, it looks fantastic on you! Plus, you can't really go wrong with black & gold. :huh:h and I love your hair too!!! ;)