My new Black Patent arrived today ... Pics of my CC family :)

  1. Since finding this forum I have given up my “Vuitton evil ways” and fallen in love with Chanel. :love:

    Today I received my new patent black med classic so I took a pic of all the three bags I bought this past week:
    (patent navy Jumbo, patent black med classic and a black caviar classic) along with my Rock n Chic Medium Accordion bag didn’t want to left out …lol..
    Thank you for letting show them to you.
    I hooked!


  2. I love all your bags!!!! But I really love the Navy Patent Jumbo......I love that color!!!!
  3. congrats! I love the navy, too. great color.
  4. Holy mackrel! What a great collection, congrats ya lucky ducky!
  5. Thank you :smile:

    I agree .. the navy patent is my fav :love:
  6. Oh I am in love with all of them!! Congrats!
  7. So Classic and Classy look.

    Bout they are similar and all in black???
  8. Lovely.
  9. Wow, everything is just gorgeous.:heart:
  10. OMG!! Congrats!!!!!!! They're all gorgeous!!!!!!!!
  11. Congrats, great collection:yahoo:
  12. Just beautiful!! Great taste you little fashionista!!! Enjoy!! :heart: Emmy
  13. Wow!:yahoo: They all look so great together! I love the patents!
  14. LOVE your collection!! Congratulations :smile:
  15. What a good looking family! Congrats!