My new Black Milton Messenger/Hobo

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  1. I finally have a Black Mulberry!

    Black stock was quite limited at Bicester yesterday (unless you wanted a Congo Black Bayswater!) and although I thought before I went that I would end up coming home with a Poppy or Mabel of some description I didn't like the way the Poppy Satchel sat on me and they didn't have a Medium Poppy (although looking at the Mustard one they had, I think I would find it too big - it has too many sections for me).

    Luckily, because SJ wouldn't leave the Marine Milton alone, a Black one was spotted!

    I didn't have a Black Mulberry OR a Black Messenger so with this bag I've got both.

    The Buffalo leather is gorgeous and smells divine. The bag is very comfortable and even when full it still 'curls' around the body - its lovely!

    I was worried at first that the bag would look too big on me, but because it curls I think its okay.

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  2. oh that's lovely!
    It's just the right size
  3. Looks gorgeous on you, I love Baffalo leather, it's easier to look after and always looks lovely day or night.

    Many Many congratulations!!
  4. That style looks great on you especially the way it shapes around the body as you say. :tup:
  5. That was a great choice Ali & it looks as good with jeans as it did with a skirt.

    Now you have your black Mulberry! I'm still thinking about that Milton hobo......
  6. Yep - now all I need is a Red one!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha!
    Yeah I know you are and I fully expect you to get it! You didn't even try it on the 2nd time yesterday, just walked straight in the shop, took your coat and bag off, wandered down the back of the shop, picked it up, went back to the sofa and sat with it!!!!!!!! Mitzy or not, I KNOW you're gonna get a Marine Milton!
  7. That black bag looks really good on you!!!

    I love oak and chocolate, but I know that black suits me best and it definitely suits you :tup:.
  8. Ali- looking good!!!!!! That was definately a good buy for you and killed several birds with one stone. The buffalo leather is gorgeous!!!!
  9. Ali-B, I just ordered it! Spent all night thinking about it & love the colour so much. I think Mitzy will be going back & Milton will be the summer bag. I'm not going to keep them both.
    It's £225 for goodness sake, how can I resist a price like that!!!
  10. Oh you just made me cough I laughed so much! Hahaha! I KNEW IT!!!!!! :nuts: You wait to Ditab finds out!!! Well it goes with your purse I suppose!!!

    Is it the Messenger like mine or the shorter one?
  11. What are you like SJ!!????? At least you can compare them both at home and decide which one you love best!!
  12. Ditab's going to have something to say about this SJ!!!!!!!!
  13. ^^I'm hiding from Dita, she's going to kill me!
    It's the same as yours. I wanted a messenger & it'll be coming to the US with me. I've loved it for a long time but wasn't going to pay £750 for it. £225 is a bargain & having bought the purse, I had to have the bag!
    I'm cancelling Mitzy as I think the brown strap would drive me mad & the colour would probably be too wishy washy for me.
  14. Don't cancel mitzy- at least have a look!
  15. Ali, it's funny isn't it how you thought you'd go for the Poppy hobo & ended up going for one you hadn't even considered. It's a real classic bag, bet you get loads of use out of it.