My new black leather Coco Cabas

  1. Purchased from a fellow PF member. This bag is solely due to you alls influence as I had just bought a bronze reissue and thought I was done for the year and had no idea this bag was even out in leather vs. vinyl except for the discussions on this board about it. Especially Macp6, Chanel owes you a commission! At 6ft tall I love the size!
  2. this bag looks hot on you. excellent choice. you can really wear it well.congratulations and enjoy her.
  3. blkladylaw, you look great with that bag! It's an amazing bag!
  4. pics was kind of blurred...this one is a lil better
  5. That bag looks great! I love the size (lol for a second there I thought you were taking a nap with your Chanel bag because of the horizontal pic)
  6. OMG, it's TDF!!! Looks great on you! :heart:
  7. Very nice! I really like the style of that bag. Congrats!
  8. This bag looks fabulous on you!!
  9. Huge Congratulations blkladylaw!!! The bag looks absolutely gorgeous on you, you wear it very well. ;)
  10. LadyLaw,
    Is the hardware gold on this bag or was it just the lighting?
  11. I love this bag! Enjoy it!
  12. :lol: Oh how I wish!!!
  13. You look fabulous!!!:wlae:
  14. no it is silver...i had to change to some weird setting to get less flash which distorted the color some
  15. Congrats, I know what you mean about getting influenced... Enjoy the bag, it looks wonderful on you. I also love the leather version.