My New "Black Hole" Chanel *Pics*!

  1. Okay, I finally did it. I parted with a Chanel bag to fund one I would actually use more often. Surprisingly, this wasn't my first choice but when you feel the leather and try on this bag you can't walk away from it. It's so pretty IRL! The leather is thicker than the Ultimate Soft, almost like Chanel double layered it, and it's soft as silk. We went to the mall today and although the chain is somewhat heavy, it felt comfortable on the shoulder. And when we returned home, the leather was fine being gently wiped down with a wrung-out baby wipe.

    My black metallic Luxe flap is no longer with me; it wasn't big enough to hold my belongings with room to spare. This, however, has lots of room leftover for additional items!

    Presenting my new Soft and Chain hobo. Modeling pics show up close and farther away shots. It isn't as big as pics make it seem and the slouch is beautiful.
  2. OMG that's a HOT HOT HOT bag!! COngratulations! FLAUNT IT FLAUNT IT!
  3. Love it, Ro! It does seem more "you" than the Luxe flap. Congrats, it is beautiful.
  4. i love this bag but fear the black hole -- i hate rummaging around! but it looks gorgey on you!
  5. i always loved this S&C line but worried about the chain--is it lighter than the luxe flap? you are right, the leather is TDF. you look HOT (as usual).
  6. So beautiful! Congrats, Roey.
  7. I love that bag, the chain , the leather , everything about it. I belive Jenn has 3 off them. congrats, your lucky you still could find it. it is perfect for you.
  8. Thanks! And thanks to all so far. :smile:

    The chain is heavier than the Luxe flap; it's quite substantial in thickness. My shoulders are strong though, LOL!

    It wasn't that bad at the mall today fishing out my wallet and sunglasses when I needed them. I carry an organized handbag without a lot of unnecessary clutter.
  9. I know, Jenn's photos (and Jill's) were my inspiration! I don't know if Jill still has hers and I know Jenn returned the beige and white and kept only the black.
  10. Wow - love it! Looks great on you! Congratulations!
  11. This is gorgeous! :heart: roey is it hard to get in and out of the bag with such a short chain?
  13. very pretty, congrts!!!
  14. I've seen that bag and thought it was a-m-a-z-i-n-g - the leather was unreal! Congratulations!

    PS - I just got back from a scouting trip at Saks, LOL - thanks for getting back to me earlier!
  15. Ohh!! Gorgeous Roey and it looks perfect on you! :tup: I love how the leather looks super soft in the stand alone pic. :heart: So are you loving it? It's such a HOT bag! I love my black one! I told you the chain was more comfortable than it appears because of the thickness. Congrats and enjoy! ;) Oh, thanks for the baby wipe info, I wondered if it was safe to use on the lambskin.