My new black Elgin

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  1. Finally i found out how to make this image smaller...took me enough time :sad: is my new (to me) black Elgin:[​IMG]
  2. Congrats, a great classic bag.
  3. Fabulous, looks great! How about some modelling pics? :biggrin:
  4. I will try tomorrow... I do not have a great mirror, so have to think of something else!

    I was very lucky with this one! Lovely seller, who was great to deal with and the bag is as new! Also received the tag & receipt!

    I think i have a one out, one in policy:P
    Oak Rosy is on her way to her new home in Norway now... and a few days later i spotted this one ;)
  5. Beautiful Elgin - I have always lusted after Black ones - I think they are the best. How lucky to get it in such good condition at this late date.
  6. Beautiful bag Sterre, it looks in fab condition and is a rare find, congrsts on finding it.
  7. Looks in excellent condition - well done in finding it!!
  8. Congrats Sterre! It's such a fabulous bag. I love it!

    I love the style of the Elgin but can't bear buying the pre-loved ones since I can't be bothered with marks & stains from previous owners. But yours look very pristine indeed. What a great find! My A4 Roxanne tote is sort of my 'Elgin replacement' now ;)
  9. Beautiful Elgin Sterre - congratulations!
  10. Ooh v lush, I do love the Elgins. Congrats on a great find :biggrin:
  11. Love that! Congrats!
  12. Gosh I just congratulated you for Choc A4 - you are now covered on Tote front??
    (Am I guessing correctly regarding where it came from, I wonder... :thinking::sneaky:)

    Another happy modeling pics!!?
  13. that bags a looker congrats xxx
  14. Sterre, congrats on such a beautiful Elgin. I view it as one of Mulberry's finest classics. Love it.
  15. Congrats, Sterre!! I love the Elgin, and the leather on this one looks really nice and grainy - and no marks. A classic bag. Well done!

    Wonder how long you will be able to continue the one in - one out policy though?! :P

    Hope Rosie is enjoying her travel...