My new black city!!!

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  1. I just received my new black city from Aloha Rag! I love it soooo much. It has just the right amount of viens (to give it character). And I love how thick the leather is compared to my ink. The city is just the perfect size, when I have to bring a little more stuff with me. Here's some pics.
    20061020-145601.jpg 20061020-145654.jpg 20061020-145801.jpg
  2. Congrats. :yahoo: Black City is such a classic and gorgeous every day bag. I love mine too.:jammin:
  3. i love it!!! congratulations!
  4. :heart: :heart:
  5. Congratulations, enjoy your beautiful new bag!
  6. Beautiful. Congrats!!
  7. NICE!
    I have mine sitting right next to the computer here so I can keep looking at her - LOL!!! :lol:
  8. WOW very nice. Congratulations!!!
  9. So pretty! Definitely a classic. Congrats!
  10. 0o0o0 congrats...
  11. It's divine!! There is nothing like a beautiful classic Black City and now you've got one. Congratulations!
  12. Thank you everyone. Yes, I will be keeping her for a very long time. :love:
  13. beautiful! Black's always chic and in style. gorgeous bag!
  14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yahoo:

    I love black City bags--they are a classic, in my opinion. Excellent choice!!!
  15. Congrats! Looove them black Cities! Totally a must.
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