My new black city from AAA!

  1. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I have won the most beautiful scrumptious luscious black city from our own aaallabama and ERICA! Look how absolutely divine it is!!!! I wanted to wait and get some pics at home, but just haven't found the time - so here is a couple from my office! Thanks to bama and Erica for the fastest delivery I have ever seen!! And the quality care that my city has had!!!!!! Thanks for taking such good care til she found her way home to ME!
    black tPF 1.jpg black tPF.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

    so pretty!!! congrats :party:
  3. congrats! ALLYBOOBOP!.. love the choice!!.. love black cities...

    congrats again
  4. Gorgeous! Looks new!

    Congrats on your black city - what a great staple!
  5. wow, she really is a beauty, isn't she?!?! :tender: ...congrats again ally, it couldn't have gone to a nicer person :heart:
  6. yeppers, she's brand spanking new & was living in a dustbag :p
  7. ^^
    wow aaa - what willpower not to whip her out and take her for a spin!!
  8. ^^ lol, i know, but i had 2 black cities :love:
  9. ^^
    hahaha. NOW I get why you could leave this one to live in her dustbag! lol - I should've known why a bbag lover would have one unused in her closet. heehee.
  10. Now you only have 1! Cuz I'm not giving this one up! You are the best!;)
  11. ^^ ditto ally-sweetie <<<hugs>>> :tender:

    p.s. here's a photo of my '05 black city :heart:
    p.p.s. they're all so unique & beautiful!!!
    DSCF4523 REV.jpg
  12. Beautiful!!:love: Congrats!!:yes:
  13. Gorgeous!!!

  14. ^^ doesn't it look like she's smiling now?!?!
  15. beautiful! what year is it?