my new "black beauty"!!!

  1. Hi ladies! I was using my new black beauty today and realised i had forgotten to share pics of her when i first received her a few weeks ago!

    MANY MANY MANY THANKS to the WONDERFUL PFers who helped me with my questions about this bag, you ladies really are priceless and without your help, i probably wouldn't have gotten this bag! :love:

    without further a-do, here she is:
    32cm retourne togo kelly, black with p/h!
    (here she is empty... looking a bit slouchy! heh)
    (here she is with things inside now!)

    and here are some modeling pics :smile:

    thanks for letting me share, everyone! i love this bag so very much, there's something about a kelly bag that makes a girl feel and look so elegant (or so i'd like to think :shame:smile:
  2. Nightshade--you are GORGEOUS; straight out of a magazine--the hair, the outfit, the incredible heels, and of course that perfect Kelly. It looks fantastic on you! CONGRATULATIONS!
  3. Nightshade ~ you look simply fabulous !! Congratulations on a simply gorgeous bag.
  4. I agree - great bag and look for you!
  5. Congrats nightshade! :woohoo:She's a beauty!!
  6. I'm so glad you posted. this is the exact bag I've been thinking about and seeing your pictures, now I know I want one. You look fabulous and so does your kelly.
  7. congrats! :party: A classic :heart:
  8. gorgeous! congrats!!
  9. Gorgeous bag! What's the top you're wearing?
  10. Thanks for all the lovely comments, everyone :heart:

    i CANNOT recommend this bag enough! its such a great bag, the togo makes it a great everyday bag while the style keeps it more formal than say a togo birkin (that looks a lot more casual IMO). I hope you end up getting one! :yes:

    awww orchids, thanks soo much :shame: :love: the hair's looking a bit nicer than usual because it just got cut... prior to this it was a long, limp mess. haha!

    HG, its the gap design edition rodarte bow blouse! :smile:
  11. You look gorgeous!!!! looks like a model :woohoo:
    Nice purse btw...... Congrats~~~
  12. Congrats, it's beautiful and you look gorgeous! Love the whole outfit :yes:
  13. :woohoo: CONGRATULATIONS!! :woohoo:

    I love 32cm!! You're so tall!! I want those legs!!
  14. love your new kelly. so ladylike and chic!
  15. Wow!!! Absolutely beautiful and the Kelly is not bad, either!;)

    What a perfect combo and you look lovely with it - it suits you perfectly. Enjoy!!!