My New Black Beauty... TREESJE, COME SEE

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  1. HI,
    Here she is, my new Treesje Patent Magnolia. I did the best I could do with pics but the Patent is so hard to photograph, they do her no justice. The Patent leather is so soft and squeezable :yahoo: I have to tell ya, she does have some weight to her... like most of my bags for some reason but I think Treesje bags are GORGEOUS and so well made. She came with a shoulder strap but I haven't attached it yet.
    Ok Here she is:


    [​IMG] <<----- HEY, do you see that PIG looking at my bag. This is mine Piggy, get your own (lol)


    A few more coming up
  2. I added these LV inclusion charms, they are really for a cell phone.
    Should I keep the charms on there... YES or NO?


    Love Love those handles, they are GORGEOUS!!!
    Thanks, Enjoy!!!
  3. So pretty. The leather looks great!!
  4. gorgeous!!! i absolutely love it, and the charms are cute too!
  5. congrats she's delish!!
  6. WOW :drool: and YES keep the LV charms on, they match perfectly!
  7. Gorgeous bag! I've been eyeing the Magnolia myself.
  8. Love that bag!

  9. Thanks... the leather is wonderful!!! I keep squeezing and touching it :P

  10. Thanks :smile:

  11. Its all your fault :roflmfao: I fell in love with your Magnolia, couldnt get the Creme but I guess, I was lucky to get this one since the Magnolia has been discontinued. Now I am after a few Asher's:graucho:

  12. Thanks, I thought the charms were perfect too but wanted to make sure it wasn't over kill.
  13. They are GORGEOUS bags! I just hate that the style has been discontinued :crybaby: I would love to have some in different colors and in regular leather. OH WELL, guess the Asher is next.

  14. Thanks :tup:
  15. It's Gorgeous! Drool...i think i need to get one now :smile:
    Enjoy it!