My new black beauties arrived.

  1. What can it be???


  2. :nuts::nuts::nuts: I've no idea!! Lol. I'm never really good at this stuff... but AHH~ I can't wait to see!!
  3. Hehehe. I love teasing.

  4. Ohhh something good is coming....
    bring it on girl..we're ready!!!
  5. pair of shoes?... open it pleassseee
  6. ok I missed that...pumps? congrats...
  7. Hehe, here they are!
    I'm in love. :love:

  8. OMG~!!! Those are SO CUTE!! I really love the bow! Congrats~
  9. OMG have an amazing taste..
    wear them in good health!
    When is the great night you are gonna walk them????
  10. I was thinking V-day dinner with my S/O. But I'll wear them sooner if I can! :graucho:
    Thank you Bagmaniac23!
  11. That's gonna be a hawt night!!!!!!!!!
    Happy valentine's dear!!!
  12. Thank you! You too!
  13. very nice shoes...:tup:
  14. Totally drool worthy, just stunning! Congrats and enjoy them!
  15. Very pretty