My New Black Ali is here and she is perfect!

  1. Hi everybody,

    I just got my new black Ali and she is perfect. When I ordered her there were just 100 left in Jacksonville. I saw her unwrapped today in my boutique and she is totally brand new. In my opinion the Ali is just the very best black bag. I now have a white Ali, Whiskey Ali, Brown Ali and a Black Ali.
    IMG0001_3.jpg IMG0001_5.jpg IMG0003_1.jpg IMG0002_3.jpg
  2. oooo hooooooooooo congrats!! Black Ali rocks the house. Enjoy!
  3. Liz, she's beautiful! Makes me want one! haha
  4. Congratulations, Liz!!! She's really gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Congrats!!:tup: She's beautiful!
  6. Liz, Congrats on your Ali, she is gorgeous! Wear her in good health! :smile:
  7. I love Ali. Congratulations! I think you should post a picture of the quadruplets. ;)
  8. The more I see this black Ali the more I want it. Gorgeous, and you have 3 more?!:drool: I'm so jealous!
  9. Liz,

    I have this one, too, and it is gorgeous! I think you should take pics of all your ali bags together for us! Have fun with it; such a classic bag!
  10. gorgeous! congrats!
  11. I'm so happy you got one and love her!! I'll be returning my defective one tomorrow, so hopefully I can get another. Congrats!
  12. You have the perfect Ali Collection! Of course I know it's fabulous!;)
  13. she is gorgeous! CONGRATS!
  14. Beautiful! Congrats!
  15. I do so hope that the new Ali you get is absolutely perfect.
    Let us know how it goes.