my new BJ bracelet - pics

  1. Here's a gift I received from DH. Isn't it pretty?:love:


  2. That's lovely Kat!!
  3. It's beautiful Kat!!! Looks great on you! Enjoy!
  4. Very nice, and nicer DH!! Enjoy!
  5. Wow that's gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  6. oh!! Never seen that one before!! It's such a pretty color!
  7. i love this bracelet, it looks gorgeous on you!!! i have this bracelet in rouge vif :love:
  8. That's a gorgeous bracelet. I love how it picks up the blue enamel under the elephants in your other bracelet, too.
  9. I adore this bracelet, Kat and it looks great on you!!!!

  10. Lovely! What is the name of it?
  12. Very nice! Congrats!!
  13. Congrats!! I do swear that Hermes bracelets are the best...and there are so many darn choices it's impossible to own just one lol!!!
  14. that is sooo cool, kat! congrats!
  15. it's called the Jill bracelet :p