my new Birkin!

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  1. I had written this whole long story about how I got it, but it got erased somehow:Push:

    Anyway, I was going JUST to Saks JUST to buy some Juicy Couture sweatpants, but I decided to stop in Hermes just to look. I had absolutely no intention of buying anything except those Juicy sweats, plus I knew my SA didn't work on Mondays. Well, I noticed a lady with this bag, and of course, I just assumed that she had bought it and I narrowly missed my opportunity. So I went upstairs to look at RTW and shoes. As I'm walking up the stairs, I see an SA putting the Birkin back in the case. I scurry down the stairs and find a familiar SA who says that my SA is working today, but she was just at lunch. I say don't bother her, it's OK, but she insists that she should be back any minute anyway. Then I ask to see the Birkin, and she takes it out for me and calls my SA. She gets my SA on the phone, and we talk and I tell her I'm glad she's there. Then she says she'll be with me soon, and I wait literally about 2 minutes for her, and the elevator dinged and there she was. She hugs me and asks how my Thanksgiving is. I say good, and I wanted the Birkin, but doesn't it look like the ebene box Birkin I'm going to order? She says yes, but box comes in so many different colors, I could easily pick another one, and this bag will look so similar to the box I'm ordering anyway. I say of course, then we look at the leather book and she says that she'll get the craftsperson to pull some red boxcalf bags for me to look at before I place an order so that I'll make an informed decision. She's so great! Here are the details:
    swift 30 cm Birkin with palladium hardware

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  2. :yahoo: :yahoo: CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:

    Wow, she was just sitting there. BEAUTIFUL!!:heart:
  3. ARGH!!!!!

    SWIFT is so damn gorgeous!!!!!

    whoo hooo...........tell us more, tell us more!!
  4. OMG, OMG, OMG! It's even more beautiful than I imagined!!!! Congratulations!!!! :party: :drinks: :yahoo:

    Btw, Havane is GORGEOUS on Swift!!!!! :girlsigh:
  5. Love the colour! Ooh, how gorgeous she is!!! Congratultaions!
  6. :heart:CONGRATULATIONS!:heart:
    That baby is just GORGEOUS!:love: Talk about fate- this was just meant to be!
  7. the color is fabulous, congrats!!!
  8. Gorgeous!!! You lucky thing!
  9. It is really soft and shiny, which makes it even more beautiful! But it still manages to keep its shape somehow. And the color is havane, thanks for pointing it out, amkur. And even better about the experience? My SA said she wanted to donate some food to my company's annual Thanksgiving/Christmas food basket drive (to serve the needy families of the kids we give therapy to, which is unfortunately, a big number).
  10. Love, love, love it!!! Havanne is so now officially on my list....gorgeous!!! Congrats!!!
  11. OMG.......HAVANNE SWIFT!!!! She's STUNNING!!!!!! Where's Kellybag....she should see this color!!!!! WOW! It's a knock-out, Pr1ce........CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
  12. Absolutely stunning!! Great story, too!
  13. I am seeing it Shopmom...I wish I could touch it!!! Whoever said a picture is worth 1000 words doesn't understand the concept of Hermes and not being able to see these bags in person!!!

    Can you feel my frustration!

    Gorgeous bag!!! Congratulations!!!
  14. So many to choose from.... That was truly fate. Was your heart thumping as you ran down the stairs. She is truly gorgeous and what a wonderful SA. Congrats!
  15. scored!! Wow!!! she is beautiful!!!!! Congratulations!!!