My New Birkin!!


Sep 22, 2007
Hi ladies,

I just want to share my excitement!! I started looking at Birkin early this year, and I was able to get a Birkin in gold just by randomly walking in to the store. However, my mom really liked the bag and since gold was not my first choice, so I let my mom have the bag. Then I told my SA I wanted an Etoupe 30cm g/h, so she placed a PO for me in July. She called me two days ago and told me she had a Etoupe 35cm PHW, and asked me if I was interested. I went to the store yesterday, and came home with this beauty. I figure the PO I placed was for g/h, and Etoupe is my favorite color of all time, there is no harm in having two Etoupe's right? :P

Here is my baby:

May 7, 2007
Its lovely. The more Etoupe Birkins I see the more I love them.

If you have ordered a 30 with GHW then it look different to this one won't it, but will there be a point when you choose one over the other? Would you be better trying to change your order for another colour?


Things Are Good
Sep 22, 2006
Great Falls, MT
Congratulations on your bag! You must be very excited!

Just a thought, I don't believe you are locked into accepting the other PO if you don't want or need two etoupe birkins, even in different sizes or with different hardware. It will certainly sell to another client and this kind of thing happens all the time.

I had an order in for a certain size of bag which wasn't my absolute preference but my SA felt that it would have a better chance of being accepted in a more standard size. Lo and behold, while waiting for that SO to come in, the same SA called and the bag I had wanted in the first place, same color and size (different leather, though), had come in for another client who had turned it down because SHE had found something different in the 2 years she'd been waiting.

So, don't be shy and feel like you have to buy something you ordered. Happens all the time. The bag you give up will gladly go to someone else with very few problems whatsoever!


Waiting for Birkin!
Apr 14, 2007
East Coast
Hello stranger!! I am so excited for your new etoupe birkin, she is gorgeous :yahoo:!!! I am sure that if you wish not to buy the PO when it gets here your SA will find her a new home right away :yes:!! Please post action pics with your new baby, I miss seeing your fab pics in the Chanel mommy thread!! Sending you :hugs:!!!


Oct 6, 2006
Bay Area
Congrats on Miss Etoupe!! You're so lucky (a lot of members are looking for this exact bag)! Hey, you never know...maybe you'll get used to the 35 and not even WANT the 30 when she comes in!! And if you want BOTH, well...there's NO SUCH THING as having TOO many bags, girl!! :graucho:


down under
Aug 2, 2007
etoupe is one of the most in-demand birkin colours, you've done very well...congratulations! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: