My new Birkin

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I just wanted to share my new birkin in vert olive. The leather is clemence with palladium hardware and brown stitching. I just had the good fortune of finding it on the store's shelf last week. What suprised me is the chevre lining and pockets don't show the suede side. Instead, the inside pockets were lined in chevre as well.

    Had fun toting this birkin over this weekend while visiting Santa Barbara for the afternoon. I enjoy the buttery feel of the clemence leather. It seems to go well with light neutral colors as well. Finally, I have a dark colored birkin . :yes:

  2. Magnificent Jaegerhomme - many congratulations to you on this beautiful bag.
  3. Congratulations --- I love Vert Olive! What a wonderful addition to your beautiful collection. You have had good karma with spotting Birkins haven't you? Didn't you spot your toile combo that same way or am I simply making that up, :p. I also think that there has been some discussion of the pockets now being all chevre, which is a welcome change, in my opinion. Enjoy this fantastic piece!
  4. J!!!!!!!

    I LOVE your new bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLEASE leave your collection to me!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That is a lovely choice, I helped Shopmom buy a vert olive Kelly back in April, and fell in love with the colour - it's just fabulous!
  5. :yahoo::yahoo:CONGRATULATIONS, JH!! :yahoo::yahoo:

    That is an absolutely GORGEOUS bag and a lovely deep neutral. I can't belive you were lucky enough to find in on the shelf!! Enjoy!
  6. I agree, chevre lined pockets! I wonder when they started that? Hope my SO has them.........LOL!
  8. Congrats... what a beautiful colour.

    Jaegerhomme, you have the most unique collection of H bags... I love it.
  9. WooHooo!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Vert Olive is GORGEOUS in Clemence, isn't it??????

    It's a great neutral color, J.........wear it well!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!:tup:
  10. Thank you Handybags, MrsMorris, Grands Fonds, xquisite, and Tricia. I'm glad you all like it as well. It is a new color scheme for me.

    I had to even request if I could take a look at it outside infront of the store to see its true color under sunlight. It was funny I was standing infront of the store with my sa and security as we were checking it out.

    Yes, MrsMorris. I got my toile/barenia birkin from the same store and found it on the shelf as well. My SA loves the toile/barenia combo so much. What is interesting is a week prior, I purchased the pochette of lotus flowers you see in one of the photos. I did not realized that it was meant to go with a olive birkin that I will be acquiring later on. LOL!

    The smooth handles of the clemence are so nice to touch. It is almost the same pleasure like with barenia.
  11. Thanks Birkin123 and S'Mom. I sure will enjoy her this Summer and in the comingFall. I think vert olive looks wonderful with white top. The color just reminds me of how beautiful it is outdoors with all the trees under sunlight. Hermes really makes the most amazing colors in leather.
  12. Yummy! Congrats Jaegerhomme - beautiful Birkin!
  13. I must tell you JH, when I saw your post, I paused to get a glass of wine so I could savor your pics!! I knew I would see something special, and I surely did!!!

    You new bag is splendid, and a perfect addition to your collection. I love it and I also love that you went out for a spin, too!

    Congratulations, JH, and thank you so much for sharing with us. You are the king.

  14. gorgeous color!!!
  15. Thank you Cal, CobaltBlu, and saligator. Its always a pleasure sharing with the members of this wonderful forum.