My new birkin!~ and something about my Sydney trip!

  1. I just picked up my birkin from the sydney store ( i purchased it at the gold coast store and get it sent to the sydney for pick up) ... love it..

    I am quite surprise about the size, 30 is much smaller than I think! but the good side is.. it is much lighter as well ( esp in epsom leather)!! I love the red!!!!!

    I saw a beautiful blue croco kelly, jpg kelly clutch, orange croco birkin with diamond! and blue jeans paris bombay at the sydney store!! They told me they have lots of kelly ( in diff color and size), they show me a etoupe kelly 28 and a gold kelly!! love it!! but I guess I will buy it in next run. During my visit, one of the customer was using a black birkin 35, it looks so chic!! I believe I need one in the near future! and another customer was picking up her canvas + black birkin 35 I believe its for maintenance...

    I haven't seen anymore hermes outside the store.. but I've seen many many balenciaga!! I am surprise it is so popular sydney!

    After my trip, i backed home and I received another call from a different hermes store, they told me they got a red JPG birkin! I was shocked!! I just bought a red 30, that is impossible for me to get another JPG!! I wish she call me a weeks eariler! but it is ok..
    DSC00262.JPG DSC00243.JPG DSC00244.JPG
  2. Glad your new Birkin got to you safely! It looks great!
    Congrats on the new Kellys :nuts: too - I think?! Sorry, couldn't tell if you actually bought them or not - you said they were sold to you, but that you would get them later? Bit confused... but sounds like a great H day!
  3. The red birkin looks gorgeous on you! Congratulations!!!
  4. Congratulations on the new bag! Gorgeous color!
  5. Wow, what a great story! You are in Sydney? Are you still there now? Will you be coming to Melbourne?:nuts:

    Congrats on the red Birkin!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: Looks stunning on you. LOVE IT!!!

    There's a 28 etoupe retourne Kelly in Melb too. Very nice bag. Chloe, was the Gold Kelly retourne or sellier? And what leather? :sweatdrop:
  6. oh sorry typing mistake.. they show ( instead of sold) me the etoupe kelly. But i am already over budget. so I didnt go ahead! :P
  7. u look sooooo cute with the red birkin!!! congrats!!! i want a red birkin next!!!
  8. Chloe, forgot to ask you.. how tall are you? I think the 30 suits you very well! I think you also have a 35 BJ, right?
  9. Beautiful Bag, Chloe! It looks perfect on you! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The red is gorgeous!!!!
  10. WOW!!! That color is BEAUTIFUL!!! what color is that red? I want a red birkin but never really considered epsom; you've totally made me put this on my list!!!! :yahoo:CONGRATS!!!:yahoo: That birkin looks perfect on you!!!
  11. :yahoo: CONGRATULATIONS!!! :yahoo:

    It's lovely! May I ask if this is new Rouge? And was it displayed on the shelf or you were already in the waiting list?

  12. YAY Chloe!!! That's MY store!! Did you notice all the dead birds in the window displays - LOL!!

    That etoupe Kelly has been there for a long time - I don't think etoupe is a big seller here in Australia, somehow!

    I think the 30 suits you great! I must admit, the first time I tried one I was surprised at how little it was, too!

    Were you served by Greg?
  13. Congrats!
  14. See Sue - I told you all the great stock is in Surfers......we need to do a road trip.........
  15. You are right, K!!! Road trip sounds like fun! I'll be Thelma, you be Louise.. which is which again? Wait, who got to sleep with Brad Pitt?