My new Birkin and a question...

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  1. #1 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    Hello all. I am new to these parts, but I wanted to share my new Birkin with you. I picked it up from Hermes yesterday and snapped one quick picture, but I will definitely take more later today. (Should have done the whole 'reveal' thing. lol) It's a black 35 Togo w/PHW. I love it so much. My question is this. Upon greater review of the bag at home, I noticed the corners are subtly dull, almost like a tiny bit rubbed. I don't know how to describe it other than to say the leather feels different from the rest of the bag. I'm going to see if I can capture it in pictures, but I doubt it. Is this normal and just where the corners all come together? I mean I'm certain Hermes is not going to sell me a used bag, I hope. lol

    Anyhow, here's a pic and more to come. Thanks!

  2. Areas on the bag where the leather is stretched more, the handles, corners, will show less grain of the leather. Maybe this is what you are seeing. Look at the handles and you will see much less of the Togo grain.
  3. Congrats! Beautiful first Birkin! :tup:

    I agree with golconda. The leather looks bit different in the corners, as you don't see hardly any grains. I'm sure that Hermès hasn't sold you an used bag! ;)
  4. Oh wow, I just looked at my handles and it's similar to the corners. Makes sense now! Thanks golconda and DiamondS!!!!!
  5. congratulations on you bag - its beautiful. I also agree with golconda, no need to worry. Enjoy your bbb! :yahoo:
  6. [​IMG]

    What a classic beauty you got! And yes, you've come to the right place to ask questions...golconda and DiamondS are two (among many) Hermes gurus around. Again, thanks for sharing your picture and your joy! Wear in good health! Big CONGRATS!:yahoo:
  7. Congrats, we are bag twins!!
  8. Congratulations for the great find!:tup:
  9. Glad you got your questions answered. Congrats on the new bag -- a classic!!!
  10. Congrats on your new Birkin!
  11. Congrats, beautiful bag and wear in the best of health and happiness. We are cousins, I have the same but with GHW.

  12. Congrats on your new bag!
  13. Congrats on a beautiful bag :smile:
  14. Gorgeous choice. Go out and enjoy it! Congratulations.
  15. Thank you so much hair-mess (cute name BTW), costa, lulilu, Sewon, ladyhermes, Rouge*, and Sus. petpringles, thank you…I’m honored to be around Hermes gurus! mooks and MissMargaux, I’m loving the instant family, sis and coz. ;)