1. I just received my 35 Toile Jean/ Vache birkin by post... not very sure about the leather... is it same as vachetta leather like the LV bag? and do i need any special care on those? or any protector spray ? I am a bit worry it will turn dark over time... or water spot...

    pls help
    toile vacha birkin.jpg
  2. The bag is lovely!! Sorry wish I could help with your question....

    BTW, I love that clear bowl w/the ribbons...such a great idea!
  3. Congrats on your gorgeous new Birkin!
  4. I think it's vache naturelle but I am not quite sure...

    But please DON'T apply a protector spray!!! My grand-mother did that with a vache naturelle Kelly and got spots all over the bag.

    If you want a professional advice, feel free to contact your SA.

    Good luck, georgous bag:love:
  5. Chloe- that is a stunning bag- Congrats and good luck about the Vache. Let us know what you found out by your Hermes SA.:heart:
  6. thanks everyone.

    the photo is actually taken by hermes store. hehehe

    I am so scare to use the bag.. cos i hate darken handle!! I wonder will the leather darken overtime and became the color on the photo
    image-1280.jpg 02233592.jpg
  7. pretty indeed!
  8. What a beauty!!!! your so lucky:tup:
  9. Chloe, your new bag is simply DIVINE!!!:heart: What a gorgeous combo.

    I second Marie's advice - call your SA (or any H store for that matter) and ask them what you can do to protect the leather, etc. Good luck!
  10. Congratulations on your beautiful new bag!!

    Vache natural is a wonderful leather that will acquire a glowing patina with use. I have a vintage VN HAC and have never applied anything - but, as a vintage piece, the patina is there already.

    I *think* dressage_queen may (MAY) have treated hers with a saddle leather product of some sort, but don't quote me. I just think I recall reading that somewhere. Personally, I would be waaaay too chicken to put anything on it!

    If in doubt, ask the boutique - although the general refrain is "don't touch!".

    Again, congratulations!
  11. ^^ and I think guccigal07 may have used twillys to protect the handles on her 36 HAC VN. They will otherwise darken.
  12. congrats! She is lovely!
  13. this is a surprise purchase. I special order this bag a yr ago and never expect it will arrive in 11 months time!! but guess what i paid 660AUD for shipping from australia to HK !!
  14. p.s. I would love to see this modelled!
  15. Chloe - I LOVE you new Birkin!!! I plan to SO one with denim someday. It is simply beautiful!
    Congratulations and enjoy her in the best of health!