My new bicolor Croc!

  1. Hi hi hi!!! Got myself a new bag!!!! Would love to share pics of the bag with all you fab ladies. Apologies for the lack of story-telling to accompany the bag. Thought the pics would be more enjoyable than the story. :p
    DSC02243.JPG DSC02244.JPG DSC02245.JPG
  2. Its a 35cm black/fuschia Porosus Birkin with PHW.:heart::yahoo:
  3. Oh.... my eyes are popping out again today !!!! amazing!!! yes DO tell how and when and what?
  4. :wtf::nuts::drool::drool::nuts:

    Ohhhhhhhh what a fabulous bag!

    Congratulations, baghag21!! Truly truly unique and special!
  5. What a unique bag. Congrats!
  6. DAYAM!!!! ITS OUT OF THIS WORLD GORGEOUS!!! CONGRATS on a stunning bag!!!!
  7. Lovely!! I'd love to hear the story too though! Congratulations, you're one lucky lass!
  8. That is just stunning!! Enjoy her!
  9. I'm gasping for air...! It's GORGEOUSSSSSSSS!:heart:
  10. O-M-G!!! Gorgeous! Congrats!
  11. this is the opposite striptease
  12. Dear Ms. BH:

    You lucky lady!!! This bag "SINGS" to me when I see her!!!!!!!!

  13. very pretty. congrats!
  14. :yahoo::yahoo::love::heart::woohoo::woohoo: Very Pretty!
  15. :heart: I love your new bi color croc!!! congrats!