My new BH !!

  1. My husband stopped at Dubaii and he got me a BH today for my b-day . I am so excited. He said, it says ` made in france ` :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. That's so sweet and happy birthday!
  3. Aw, how sweet! Congrats and happy birthday! The BH is a beautiful bag!:yahoo:
  4. how thoughtful of him, congrat's.
  5. Yay!!! Congrats!! You're going to love it!! Be sure to post pics as soon as you get it!!
  6. Thank you all . i will post pics as soon as i get it. :biggrin:
  7. Congrats & Happy Birthday!
  8. Pics?
  9. wow!!! i'm sooo excited for you!!! The BH is a great bag! You will love it!!!

    Happy Birthday!!!
  10. You have such a sweet husband. You will love the bag.
  11. Niiiicce present:yahoo: . Happy Birthday and hope to see a pic when you receive the bag.
  12. awesome congrat happy b-day enjoy your LV swwwwwwweeeeeettttttt
  13. congratulations and happy birthday!
  14. Very the pics when you get the bag...

    Happy birthday!!